‘Priceless’ is defined as something that’s so precious its value cannot be determined. Looking round shops for nothing in particular. Taking a bubble bath (and ignoring the family chaos happening beyond the bathroom the door). Or, simply doing nothing on a Sunday. We all have those things, moments, rituals, or hobbies in life that feel priceless to us. It is these type of moments that Mastercard built their latest campaign around. And we were excited to put our celebrity saucing to the test in one of our most exciting collaborations yet!

Since 1997 Mastercard have been advertising under their ‘Priceless’ slogan “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there’s Mastercard”. Now, the global payment technology solutions company have taken their messaging further by launching Priceless.com.

Exclusive to Mastercard cardholders it provides customers with unforgettable experiences and everyday discounts to help them have meaningful moments with the people they care about most. To help promote the perk programme, the brand kick-started a ‘What’s Priceless to Me’ advertising feature for use on social and online media outlets.

That’s where we come in. At The Celebrity Sauce Co. we were tasked with providing not one but three different celebrities to take part in the ad campaign and share what is priceless to them.

We sauced the perfect threesome for the campaign. TV presenter, author and philanthropist Katie Piper. Author and vegan chef (known as the Avant Garde Vegan) Gaz Oakley. And TV presenter Miquita Oliver.

Each took part in an ad shoot where they were filmed speaking to camera about their personal Priceless moments. Katie Piper, who since surviving an acid attack in 2008 has established her own foundation to support adult survivors of burns and people with scars from traumatic experiences, said during the campaign that, “spending my time helping to create a world where everyone’s unique beauty is celebrated – that’s truly priceless to me.”

Gaz Oakley who has amassed 1.41million subscribers on his YouTube channel Avant Garde Vegan, is a world-renowned chef sharing his tasty vegan meal ideas via videos and recipe books. “Spending those moments doing what I love for those I love – that’s truly priceless to me,” he said.

Finally, Miquita Oliver is a face you might recognise from her days spent presenting T4 or more recently on Celebrity Gogglebox and a voice you may remember from her time on BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra. During her shoot with Mastercard, she drew on her passion for discovering her personal style in charity shops. She said: “Spending those moments searching the racks for hidden gems to give them a second lease of life – that’s truly priceless to me.”

The advertising feature was used across publications such as the Daily Mail, Metro and Pop Sugar.

The celebrities we sauced really put their heart into the campaign which included amazing interviews that we’d recommend you have a little read of below!

Katie Piper

Gaz Oakley

Miquita Oliver


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