At The Celebrity Sauce Co. we love nothing more than being involved in campaigns that seek to make a difference. And our most recent work with female-first dating app, Bumble, was exactly that.

The app, which empowers women to make the first move, launched a campaign calling for the criminalisation of Cyberflashing in England & Wales. Not aware of what Cyberflashing is? It’s perhaps more commonly known among millennials as sending ‘dick pics’, where unsolicited images or videos of genitals are sent to a person without their consent. And it is the unconsenting recipients that are the victims – and sadly, it’s disproportionately women who are said victims.

So, what did Bumble set out to do and how did we help them on their mission to get this issue under the nose of MPs and experts?

Armed with shocking research that uncovered that nearly half (48%) of those aged 18-24 have received a sexual photo they did not ask for in the last year alone. And that 95% of under 44-year-olds surveyed in England & Wales want more to be done to stop unsolicited sexual images, Bumble saw great opportunity in a broadcast day, including both radio and TV interviews, to spread the message far and wide that action needs to happen. But to reach their target audience that included, but was not limited to, millennials they reached out to us at The Celebrity Sauce Co. to secure them a relatable, well-known celebrity spokesperson that their audience would recognise and listen to. 

We recognised that with reality television being one of the most-watched genres among millennials, a celebrity from this area was the perfect route to go down. And with a large number of contacts with millennial celebrities we were able to sauce Bumble a seamless match.

Amy Hart rose to fame in the fifth season of ITV’s hit show Love Island where she famously fell in love with Curtis Pritchard only to be later left heartbroken when her declaration was unrequited. It was her relatable experience that saw her win the heart of so many young women. And now, she regularly speaks out on important issues on her Instagram (which has 1.1million followers) and is a champion for female empowerment – just like Bumble!

Having experienced online trolling, bulling and Cyberflashing, Amy was interviewed by a number of media outlets during the broadcast day including BBC Breakfast, to share her opinions.

Speaking on behalf of Bumble, she discussed the issue and what can be done to bring an end to this kind of harassment, alongside Claire Bennett – the Director of UN Women UK and Professor Clare McGlynn QC of Durham University (an expert in Cyberflashing).

Amy bravely shared her own experiences of Cyberflashing and how it made her feel, brought to light some of Bumble’s research findings and what the dating app is doing to help raise awareness of the issue.


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