If you grew up in the nineties like we did, then you’ll know who Boyzone are. Let’s face it, you probably even had their poster on your bedroom wall. No? Just us then. Anyway, moving on… Keith Duffy was of course one of the five band members, and we recently had the pleasure of working with him on one campaign that was very close to his heart.

Keith is the father of two and since his daughter, Mia, was diagnosed with Autism in the year 2000, he has worked hard to continually raise awareness of the disorder. So, when ZURU Toys came to us to support them on their campaign to encourage both neurotypical and neurodiverse children to thrive through playing with toys, Keith was undoubtedly the perfect celebrity for the job.

ZURU are an award-winning company who design, manufacture and market innovative toys and consumer products. They recently launched the ZURU Imagination Index which combines both quantitative and qualitative research across a variety of neurotypical and neurodiverse children. Findings included that 70% of parents with a neurodiverse child use play and toys as a key way to discuss their differences and understand the ever-changing world around them.

This research, and others including the fact that over half (55%) of parents use it as a time to discuss disability and race (60%), which demonstrates how playtime can be so much more than just fun and games.

ZURU’s toys are both ADHD and Autism friendly making them a great addition to playboxes everywhere. So, it was important for the brand to raise awareness of their enlightening research and how the products they offer can really make a big difference in childrens’ development.

That’s when we teamed them up with Keith. He took part in a broadcast day where he was interviewed by the likes of talkRADIO and the Daily Express as well as a number of local BBC stations. With real life experience of raising an autistic child and the challenges that come with that, Keith made for a truly poignant match for the brand. He wasn’t afraid to open up and was thrilled raise yet more awareness for autism while also helping fellow parents in need.

If you want more information on ZURU’s Imagination Index and their research findings then click here.


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