Brenda Edwards at the heart of Virgin Media O2’s life-saving campaign

Research by Virgin Media O2 found that despite more than 64% of people knowing someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest, just 19% have had CPR training in the last year. And only 21% would feel confident using a defibrillator.

Armed with these alarming findings, the telecommunications company sought to make a difference and provide more access to life-saving equipment, as well as encourage as many people as possible to get CPR and defib trained.

As part of these efforts, they have recently installed portable defibrillators across more than 200 O2-owned stores in the UK. They’ve trained more than 800 of their staff in CPR (a number which continues to rise) and promoted the British Heart Foundation’s free 15-minute CPR training to their customers.

To raise awareness of their important roll-out, they required a celebrity to lead the campaign and act as a spokesperson.

Honoured to be part of a campaign that could ultimately save lives, we got to work in finding them a celebrity who was not only well-known to the public, but who has in some way experienced the way in which CPR or defibrillators are crucial to increasing the chances of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Brenda Edwards found fame on series two of The X Factor and went on to enjoy great success on the West End performing in shows including Chicago, Carmen Jones and toured the UK in We Will Rock You. Since 2019 she has been a weekly panellist on award-winning daytime TV show Loose Women.

In 2018, when her brother suddenly collapsed on his walk from work, it was CPR carried out by a stranger on the road that helped to save his life. Able to talk from experience, Brenda was the perfect person to head up Virgin Media O2’s campaign.

During a broadcast day she spoke to many news and media outlets including Sky News, Daily Star, Closer magazine and more. Additional to the interviews, she used her own Instagram (177k followers) and Twitter (29k followers), platforms to share her campaign partnership with Virgin Media O2.

The campaign was a huge success and we hope it encouraged many more people to get CPR and defibrillator trained.

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