We’ve all been there. Trying to move that almighty claw machine to get the exact prize we want. But why go to the arcade when you can get it on your phone? The Clawee app specialises in connecting users with round-the-clock classic fun. The claw streamlines you in real-time to play against opponents around the world. While digital games are nothing new to the world of smartphone users and tech gods, Clawee goes above and beyond by gifting users the chance to win tangible prizes delivered right to your door! They wanted to grab attention with a marketing campaign that had a celebrity everyone on Earth knows.

At The Celebrity Sauce Co, we stepped right in and clawed our way to get Caitlyn Jenner to be Clawee’s latest social media paid partnership. It was a perfect fit for both brands as Caitlyn has a number of KarJenner grandkids to spoil all year long!

Farmville had gold coins, Animal Crossing has … fish? but Clawee has real-life cuddle pals like a stuffed Mickey Mouse, Squirtle, and more! The perfect toys for kiddos and adults alike. We knew we could get Clawee the right celebrity to perfectly compliment their target customers.

This brand partnership automatically opened up new doors for the Clawee clientele which is primarily used by young Gen-Z and other adolescence. We chose to showcase Caitlyn’s star potential and laid-back attitude to exponentially expand Clawee’s target market and demographic.

Now, more users who would traditionally not be as fond of online gaming have access to physical rewards and an online community. Boosting sign-ups, downloads, and racking in those rewards one prize at a time. And through Caitlyn Jenner, they now know all about it!


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