Catherine Tyldesley cooks up a storm for The Times Magazine and Tesco

Even the likes of big brands such as Tesco reap the benefits that come with working with celebrities. And the supermarket’s latest efforts included a piece of branded content centred around their fresh British and Irish beef steak in The Times Magazine. All they needed was a well paired celebrity to complement it. 

We secured them a partnership with Catherine Tyldesley who is best-known for her television work on ITV’s Coronation Street, BBC’s sitcom Scarborough and is set to appear in Channel 5’s upcoming new mystery drama The Good Shop Murder. So where is the foodie connection you ask? Well, the actor not only presented regular culinary segments on ITV’s Lorraine but also went on to compete in Cooking with the Stars in 2021. When she’s not on our screens, she loves nothing more than cooking up a storm at home with her husband and children.

Catherine’s passion for food combined with being a well-known household name, made the partnership sing with flavour. The branded content, aptly titled ‘To sirloin, with love’ was the cover feature for The Times Magazine. In the article the actor gave the background story to her love affair with cooking good food, “Growing up, being taken to the local steakhouse was a birthday treat. I love good food. I’m very into natural produce, knowing where it’s sourced and supporting our farming industry,” she said.

She went on to detail the importance of educating her children on eating a balanced and varied diet, and how beef steak plays a role in the meals she cooks. She said: “I know that beef steak is full of B vitamins and iron, and is a good source of protein. But it’s everything in moderation and it doesn’t have to be expensive,” […] You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy it. I think finding that value for money is something Tesco does really well – and that’s so important at the moment.”

To demonstrate the versatility of Tesco’s British and Irish beef steak, the article continued with Catherine’s go-to dish that is quick, tasty and nutritious – a Thai beef and sprouts stir-fry with salt and pepper cashews.

Additional to the branded piece, Catherine took to her personal Instagram feed which has 646k followers, to share pictures from the article and announce her exciting partnership with Tesco.

Bursting with enthusiasm and passion for creating good, honest food, Catherine’s article and accompanying social post, was a huge hit and emphasised how great a celebrity and brand collaboration can be when it’s professional paired. 

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