Celebrity Event Hosting

This is definitely Not another Boring event...

Chances are we’ve all been to an event where the evening’s host is a bit… bleh. One has just popped into your head, hasn’t it? Visible and present throughout the entire event, hosts really are a crucial part of the proceedings. You need one that will keep audiences entertained. If you’re organising an event, you’re associating your name or brand to it. So, of course you want it to be a raging success. Investing in a celebrity host is a simple yet effective way of keeping your attendees happy. When word spreads of your celebrity host, it will increase interest (thus driving ticket sales), give your event more credibility and even generate press coverage pre and post event.

But how do you find a celebrity host that is right for you?

Well, you don’t. We do.

After spending time with you and finding out about the kind of event you’re organising, we’ll source a celebrity host that matches your brief and your budget. We’ll negotiate rates, dates and contractual obligations on your behalf too, so you can focus on all the other important stuff. Like making sure there’s enough Champagne to go around!

You can see some of the celebrity hosts we’ve sourced for events in Our Work or you can skip straight to the part where we help source you your next host by contacting us on letstalk@celebritysauceco.com

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