Celebrity Personal Appearances

Want to make a splash with a Celebrity Personal Appearance?

Whether you pass a celebrity on a street, spot them at your local cafe, or find out a hot new film is shooting in your town, many of us react with excitement (and immediately message friends to tell them the news). We hope we’re not the only ones, anyway.

Famous faces have an undeniable effect of us, which is why booking a celebrity personal appearance is the perfect way to give your event an edge. While most events would benefit from a celebrity appearance, popular ones include ribbon cutting ceremonies, product launches, corporate events, red carpet soirees and exclusive parties.

What to consider before you book a Broadcast Day

So, what will they do for your event? They will add a hook to your advertising, increase attendance, gain the attention of media and ensure the occasion is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Plus, if the celeb posts about your event on their social media feed or stories, you’ll be exposed to a whole new online following. Ah, the wonders of Instagram!

As an independent celebrity booking agency, we’re not tied down by contractual obligations to push the talent in our portfolio. We have the freedom and experience to match you with the right celebrity from all industries. We’ll give you tailored support from costings, to keeping you in budget, through to logistical support and on-the-day help should you need us.

If you want to unlock the power of celebrity for your next event, email us for a chat on letstalk@celebritysauceco.com

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