Celebrity TV Adverts

We'll help Sauce a Celeb for your next tV Advert

If you’ve got the budget behind you and a brand story to tell, TV advertising really is a no-brainer.

It reaches vast audiences, gives you credibility which ultimately builds trust with consumers and importantly, it boosts sales. For those crucial screentime seconds, it’s your brand’s turn in the spotlight without any annoying interruptions from competitors.

We don’t doubt that your brand alone will shine on screen, but featuring a celebrity in your advert is
a sure-fire way to elevate it to new levels. Famous faces are a great way to spice up your product or service. They’ll generate a buzz, increase your brand awareness and open you up to a whole new market. And if they tap into their social media channels to share the advert, that’s even more exposure to potential consumers. We told you it was a no brainer.

Is finding the right Celebrity for your TV Ad important?

Yes! Finding the right celebrity to carry your brand on screen is crucial. If done without thought, it can create backlash. Lest we forget the Kendall Jenner X PepsiCo saga of 2017. With us on board, we’ll ensure your brand gets it spot-on.

We’re experts in sourcing brands with their perfect celebrity counterpart and will work with you to bring your vision to life. We’ll take the time to get to know you, manage your budget expectations and find a celebrity who is relevant to the story of your advert.

So, whether you’re looking to advertise on traditional TV or a catch-up streaming service, and want to add that celebrity touch, get in touch on letstalk@celebritysauceco.com 

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