Chris Hughes helps generate a buzz around Bumble’s new mental health feature

A week in May is dedicated every year to Mental Health Awareness Week encouraging the whole country to come together to tackle stigmas and help people prioritise their mental health. Dating app Bumble used the week as the perfect opportunity to launch their new profile feature and we were delighted to help them raise awareness of it by securing them a celebrity spokesperson.

Bumble is an app for dating on your own terms and encourages its users to be clear about what they want and what is important to them. Their new self-care badges and profile prompts bridges the gap between dating and mental health from the offset. Now people can now select from two mental wellness related prompts to feature in their profile including ‘My mental health game changer was…’ and ‘I’m prioritising my mental health by…’. As well as this, users can add up to six new interest badges which demonstrate how they prioritise their mental health such as ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Time offline’, ‘Deep chat’ and more.

This new feature follows research by the dating app which found that ‘over two thirds (67%) of us would prefer to start a relationship with an understanding of a potential partner’s mental health’ and that ‘4 in 5 believe being open about mental health and wellbeing with their partner can lead to better connection.’

To give the new feature a boost and ensure current and future users of the app are aware of it, Bumble were on the lookout for a celebrity spokesperson to engage in a number of broadcast interviews.

The celebrity needed to be able to speak openly and confidently about mental health, including their own experiences, as well as have a connection to dating – ideally via dating apps.

For this important campaign we teamed Bumble up with TV personality Chris Hughes who garnered fame on ITV’s dating show Love Island and has since amassed 2.2 followers on Instagram. Chris has never shied away from speaking honestly on difficult topics. In 2019 his documentary Me, My Brother and our Balls aired on BBC Three which explored male fertility during which he opened up about his testicular health scares in the past.

During a series of broadcast interviews for the campaign, Chris not only drew attention to the app’s new feature and research findings, but also drew on the challenges of dating and mental health.  He used his own experiences of dating and suffering from anxiety, saying: “Where I’ve struggled with different forms of anxiety in the past, I understand how it can become quite difficult to be your authentic self when dating […] however Bumble’s research is really encouraging to see that the majority of people would be open to and even prefer honest discussion around mental health. It makes me and hopefully others realise that we can and should be honest about our tougher times as ultimately the right person for us, will accept us for who we are.”

When it comes to mental health, Chris is always encouraging people, men in particular, to express their emotions and shares his own struggles on his social media platform. This made him a relevant and genuine match for this campaign.

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