Chris Stark brings a pick-me-up to Purdey’s summer campaign

Life can be busy. From juggling work deadlines, and school runs, to completing jobs around the house all while fitting in time for a quick bite to eat, before going to bed and doing it all again the next day. You know the feeling, right? Well, it was people’s increasingly busy personal and professional lifestyle that saw Purdey’s launch research and a subsequent campaign. For which we played a key part in, of course!

If you don’t know, Purdey’s is the original vitality drink which uses plant-based ingredients to help people feel good and do good. Containing vitamins B and C, their drinks help to combat tiredness and fatigue.

Their research found that 48% of workers feel there’s not enough hours in the day and more than six in ten workers said it’s important to be able to get a quick and easy boost when on the run. Enter the perfect opportunity for Purdey’s to position themselves as the go-to for a pick-me-up when a natural lift is needed to get through the day. 

They came up with the fun idea for a celebrity to hit the busy Potters Field in London to conduct off-the-cuff interviews to find out how members of the public remain energised throughout the day. This is where we came in to offer a boost of energy in the form of BBC Radio 1 presenter, Chris Stark!

Chris is best known as the co-host on the Scott Mills show before they both (very emotionally) departed from the show in 2022. Chris has a comedic edge that makes him popular among his audiences and such is so, he’s appeared on a number of shows including Celebrity Mastermind and Robot Wars. Along with pal Peter Crouch and Tom Fordyce, he launched That Peter Crouch Podcast which has more than five series to its name.

Working with Purdey’s Chris brought his personality and comedic timing to the campaign where he took part in a half-day shoot, interrupting busy Londoners to interview them. His discoveries were people taking pillows into the office for a nap and yoga being a way many choose to unwind from the stresses of everyday.

He rounded up each chat by gifting the public with a bottle of Purdey’s for a pick-me-up before they got on with their day. As well as filming the video content, Chris also took to his Instagram platform (290k followers) to share a video and three stories. The video gained 31,358 views and counting. He also utilised his Twitter account (434.7k followers) to share the campaign video.


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