Comedians & Comedy Acts

Laugh your socks off with a Celebrity Comedy Act!

Nothing brings people together quite like laughter. A well-timed joke or something funny has the power to unite strangers, improve connections and ease social anxiety. That’s why comedians are always a popular choice for events.

Booking a comedian for your event, whether it’s a corporate dinner, awards ceremony or even an office party, will help to boost the mood of all your attendees. Having the right comedian on board, can also prove a great marketing tool, increase ticket sales and ensure your event stays in people’s minds long after the hangovers have passed.

There are many ways to include a comedian into your event – they can double-up as the host, do meet and greets with guests, present awards, or star as the main entertainment with a full comedy set. The choice really is yours.

But where do you start in finding the right comedian for your event?

Nobody wants a comedian that gives it the biggen, but then falls flat on stage. Those tumbleweed moments sure are awkward.

Thankfully, we specialise in sourcing comedians for events that truly work. After getting to know a bit about you and your event, we’ll have the knowledge to go forth and find you the perfect comedian. One that will bring tears to eyes. For all the very funny reasons.

We have worked with a whole host of comedians who have lifted the spirits of all kinds of events.

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