While many people were struggling their way through lockdown, it seemed to be a more profitable time than ever for scammers and fraudsters. Research recently carried out by Lloyds Bank found that ‘people looking for help after being scammed online had more than doubled since the start of the pandemic’. Shocking facts and figures found in their research encouraged Lloyds to not only publish their findings, but seek some well-known names to help them spread the word live on radio – and at The Celebrity Sauce Co. we had just the relationships to help.

Lloyds were looking for a celebrity who could add a ‘human’ touch to the campaign with a personal story to share. Armed with this brief, we sauced them with award-winning actress, star of Benidorm and best-selling author Crissy Rock. Crissy’s name was once used by fraudsters who scammed venues into booking her for appearances and kept the money. Knowing nothing about the bookings, fans were left disappointed and out of pocket when Crissy never turned up to the appearances.

Passionate about the topic and fully aware of the impact it can have on so many lives, her personal experience made the research even more impactful when broadcasted to listeners. During the interviews, Crissy also detailed Lloyds’ research and shared the bank’s tips on what to tell vulnerable people to help them avoid, or at least spot the signs, of a fraudulent act. 

Lloyds’ also needed a second spokesperson to highlight a series of research around holiday-specific scams and found that ‘over half of adults admit they can’t tell the difference between a fake and a genuine website’. With millions of Brits craving a holiday (we’re with them, mentally we’re on the beach already) there was no better, or more crucial, time to make people aware of these types of scams.

This campaign required a holiday expert whose name carried weight not only in the travel industry but one that would be recognisable for listeners. We spread our wings and teamed Lloyds up with Jasmine Harman who is best-known for her long-running presenting role on A Place in the Sun

During the broadcast day Jasmine leant her expertise on the travel industry, explained why so many are falling victim to such scams and shared helpful tips, from Lloyds, on how to avoid a holiday scam such as paying on card or speaking to family and friends before booking. 

Both broadcast days were a huge success and our celebrity pairings provided Lloyds with the weight they needed to carry the campaign far and wide. Anyway, we’re off to book a holiday… safely and carefully of course!


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