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When a brand is relatively unknown to potential customers, the use of a celebrity to boost its profile can be hugely beneficial. A celebrity fronted campaign catches the eye on social media feeds (and temporarily stops people scrolling), it builds brand trust and increases reach significantly. 

We recently helped to raise awareness of life insurance brand Winston. Targeted towards over 50s, the service is a sibling-brand to and both of whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with previously. 

Winston’s key messages are all centred around giving over 50s peace of mind and how their service is easy to use. Whether it’s for covering the cost of a funeral or left as a gift for loved ones, their over 50s cover includes a lump sum after death with applications guaranteed to be accepted regardless of pre-existing health conditions. 

The brand were looking for a celebrity to film a series of videos for use on the Winston Instagram feed, to promote the service. And they entrusted us to source them the perfect match, which we delivered in the form of British actress, television presenter and author, Denise Welch. 

Denise has appeared in various TV shows, including Coronation Street and Waterloo Road and has made her mark as a television presenter, hosting shows such as Loose Women. Not just limited to the screen, she has also written several books, sharing her personal experiences and raising awareness of mental health. Her outspoken nature and advocacy for important matters, as well as being a mother to two, made her an authentic celebrity for Winston’s life insurance campaign. 

During a filming day with the brand Denise created a number of to-camera videos where she explained the Winston life insurance process, and the legacy she wants to leave behind which included being known for ‘someone who had a laugh, didn’t take herself too seriously and loved her family more than anything else in the world’.

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