Don’t Cha wish your brand campaign featured Nicole Scherzinger?

There’s not many that don’t know the name Nicole Scherzinger. Or instantly start humming Don’t Cha, at the mere mention of her name. No? Just us? OK then. So, we were beyond excited to team the iconic American singer, songwriter and television personality with Swedish-born Playtech start-up Boxbollen ahead of their social media activation campaign.

Nicole is best-known for being the lead singer of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, the Pussycat Dolls. Following the band’s split in 2010 she went on to enjoy a solo career which saw her sell over 16million records.

Having also ventured into television, Nicole won Dancing with the Stars in 2010 and went on to work as a judge for talent shows including the US and UK versions of The X Factor.

Her Instagram is extremely popular amassing 5.4 million followers with whom she shares content from her working and personal life.

So, who are Boxbollen and how did Nicole work with them?

Boxbollen gamifies physical activity. A soft ball is tethered to an elastic string and attached to an adjustable headband. Players place the headband on their head and ‘box’ the ball with their bare hands. It’s a test of concentration, coordination and a fun way to engage family and friends in some activity and competition.

Linked to the associated free Boxball app, players can pair their phones, TV or other devices and take part in community challenges, track their performance, enjoy different game modes and even enter cash-prize competitions.

Nicole’s role for the campaign was to utilise her huge following on Instagram on the lead-up to Christmas by sharing a video of her playing the game. In the video she can be seen putting her skills to the test while her TV tracks her points along the way.

This content proved extremely successful in driving new customers to discover and purchase Boxbollen for themselves, ahead of the Christmas season.


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