Dr Zoe Williams latest professional to back new T-level qualification for students 

Back in 2022, we had the pleasure of securing Tim Campbell to champion a new qualification for young people called T-levels. Career-focussed, T-levels has been developed in collaboration with employers and is focussed towards 16-19 year olds. Tim went on to launch and spearhead a T-Team, alongside The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and continues his work as part of the team to this day. 

The T-Team are passionate T-level champions tasked with raising awareness of the new qualification – which is the equivalent to three A-levels and includes 45 days of industry placement – and equip parents with knowledge and the benefits it offers teenagers. 

One year since its launch, we were thrilled to secure another professional for the T-Team in the form of physician and resident doctor for ITV’s This Morning, Dr Zoe Williams. 

Dr Zoe graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medical School in 2007 and went on to gain junior doctor experience in fields such as A&E, Cardiology and Surgery. It was during her second year working as a doctor that she rose to prominence on the TV series Gladiators where she was known as Amazon, using the show as a platform to promote diet and exercise to a wider audience. 

Now, she splits her time between working as an NHS general practitioner with work as the resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning, being a published author and as the clinical lead of Public Health England’s GP clinical champion network. 

With her experience in the medical industry, Dr Zoe was perfectly placed to be the T-Team’s representative for the Health & Sciences space – just one area covered within the T-Level’s current 18-subject portfolio.

With this year’s T-Team campaign focussed on exploring specific T-level subjects, Dr Zoe took part in a photo and video shoot. Here, she was joined by Tim Campbell to represent the business sector and Laura Jane Clark for architecture and manufacturing. The T-Team took part in a series of short interviews where they captured the key messages of the campaign – why they’re supporting it, the impact it will have on the respective subject areas and the benefits it offers to young people. 

After this, they were split off for subject-specific shoots where Dr Zoe was recorded in one of the T-levels medical classrooms. To bring the film to life, she was filmed alongside a T-Level student where an engaging Q&A style scene was played out. The student took on the role of a patient with Dr Zoe asking the ‘symptoms’ they have been having since studying for their T-levels. The patient responded with answers such as ‘more confident’, ‘well connected’ and ‘rounded’. 

Finally, the shoot day was wrapped with final footage of Dr Zoe, Tim and Laura filmed once again together giving their final thoughts and opinions on T-levels and the many reasons why it’s a great post-16 choice for young people. 

The photography, videos and accompanying press release were distributed to key national press in October ahead of half-term – a time where many young people are considering their options for future education and learning. 

To book Dr Zoe Williams for your campaign or event, please contact us on letstalk@celebritysauceco.com


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