Nothing quite beats the feeling of starting a new TV series. You cook dinner a little earlier so that the kids can be tucked into bed sooner. The bottle of wine is taken out from the fridge (along with the chocolate you promised is for treat days only) and you finally settle yourself down on the sofa. For many, – us included – this excitement came with the release of new crime drama Annika. And at the Celebrity Sauce Co. we were tasked with finding talent to help promote the gritty new show.

The six-part series was aired on the Alibi channel (which can be viewed through BT subscriptions, Sky or Virgin Media) and focusses on DI Annika Stranded who heads up the Marine Homicide Unit solving crimes on Scottish waters. With the protagonist played by English actress Nicola Walker, Alibi were keen to promote the show via talent with not only large followings, but relevant ones too. Enter The Celebrity Sauce Co.

OK, so our work wasn’t quite on the same level as DI Annika’s we’ll admit, but we did take on the case of solving which talent would draw in viewers to the show in an authentic and natural way. Using our knowledge of pairing brands with the right talent, we partnered Alibi with Emma Kenny and Linda Robson.  

Emma Kenny is a TV and radio presenter best-known for her work on ITV’s This Morning, but in more recent years, for being the host of her own YouTube true crime channel which has 65.5k subscribers – see where we’re going with this? The second talent, Linda Robson, is a beloved actress and Loose Women presenter with a love for all things television (being on it and watching it of course!)

Together the pair took to their social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram as well as YouTube for Emma, to share numerous stories, grid posts and tweets with their followers to make them aware of the new hit show. This content was released on the lead up, day of and after the show’s release. It included information on where viewers could watch, when to watch, a brief synopsis of the show and a post-show interactive story with followers.

With a combined Instagram following of 156k, a twitter following of 162k and of course, Emma’s 65.5k YouTube subscribers, the pair were a successful and ‘on-brand’ choice for Alibi who were thrilled with the outcome of the partnership.

If you’re a fan of crime dramas then we highly recommend watching Annika. And if you’re a brand in need of talent for your next campaign, we highly recommend contacting us!


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