Emma Kenny Teams Up with Butlin’s to Encourage More Family Fun

At The Celebrity Sauce Co. we’re all about having fun, enjoying life’s adventures and spending time with loved ones. So, when Butlin’s came to us and asked for their help in getting more families to have fun together, we of course said ‘yes!’

Unless you live under a rock, the chances are you know who Butlin’s are. But we’ll do the honours anyway. They’re a chain of seaside resorts that offer families the chance to get away and enjoy a range of on-site activities at prices that are genuinely affordable. In-line with the launch of a new competition, where one family wins the chance to be the brand’s very first ‘Funbassador’, they carried out some research that revealed some smile-raising statistics.

For the research they turned the spotlight onto little ones. They polled 1,000 children, aged between 6-13, to find out the importance they place on having fun with their family. The research found the following:

  • 58% of children want to be entertained more
  • 3 in 4 children agreed their parents and guardians are perfectly capable of having fun – they just claim they don’t always have the chance

And if that doesn’t melt your heart…

  • 84 per cent of children stated they enjoy family time together. More than eight in 10 will feel giddy over short breaks away with family.

Cute, right? Well, armed with these statistics, Butlin’s launched their ‘Funbassador’ competition which also included a £1,000 cash prize and the opportunity to visit all three Butlin’s resorts to enjoy the family-friendly facilities.

With research that pulled on the heart strings and a competition too good not to share, Butlin’s required a broadcast day to get as many parents entering as possible. To help resonate with the public, Butlin’s were looking for a celebrity spokesperson. And we had just the right person for the job…

Emma Kenny is one of the most recognisable TV psychological experts and is perhaps best known for being the resident therapist and agony aunt on ITV’s This Morning. At The Celebrity Sauce Co. we proudly manage Emma’s TV and Media work and having had a professional relationship with her for a long time, we knew she was exactly what Butlin’s needed.

Always professional and ever confident with a mic, Emma seamlessly carried out the broadcast day where she addressed the research, explained why adults find it difficult to find time for fun and the ways that can change. She also highlighted how competitions such as Butlin’s’ ‘Funbassador’ helps bring families together.

She said: “During the day-to-day, we quite easily slip into routines and forget to make space for that quality time together.”

“So, a break away with the family, whether it’s mid-week or weekend, is a great opportunity to switch off and engage in fun activities with your kids, and Butlin’s is the ultimate destination for that. The findings show two thirds of children claim their parents are preoccupied with work with 30 percent of them constantly distracted by their phones. Getting away to a resort like Butlin’s is the perfect antidote to bring the family back together.”

The broadcast day was a great success for Butlin’s with many high-profile stations taking interviews with Emma, who successful helped generate entries for the competition, while also highlighting the importance of spending quality time with children.  


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