From Apple and Amazon, to that little family-run bakery down the road that doesn’t judge when you buy several cream cakes, any business’ biggest attribute is their people. And without their people being happy and healthy, no business can truly thrive. This people-centred message was at the heart of a recent brand collaboration The Celebrity Sauce Co. brought some flavour to.

Health Assured is a company which offers staff wellbeing services that aim to boost productivity and engagement in the workplace. While they’ve been voted the best wellbeing provider for many years, the brand was looking to spread even more awareness of their work via a promotional video – who can blame them?

To ensure the video had impact, Health Assured were on the lookout for a well-known ‘face’ for the campaign who was trusted by the public and relevant to the health and wellbeing sector. That’s where we came in.

With celebrity talent relationships that span many industries, we were able to secure them a partnership with none other than Dr Hilary Jones MBE.

Dr Hilary is first and foremost a general practitioner but is perhaps best-known for being a television and writer on medical issues. He’s published a number of health-related books, worked as the TV-am doctor on GMTV, co-presented The Health Show, and currently reports on emerging medical news on Good Morning Britain. Oh, and in 2020 he was appointed as an MBE for his services to broadcasting, public health information and charity work. There is so much more we could say about Dr Hilary, but this isn’t his Wikipedia page, it’s about his campaign work, so we’ll move on.

The collaboration saw Dr Hilary introduce Health Assured through a witty yet informative video where he shared insight into their Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). The programmes offer 24/7 support to employees for their mental and physical health. As well as this, he shed light on the mobile app which also brings useful wellbeing services to the fingertips of employees.

The video is being used as a great tool to encourage more businesses to invest in their people’s health and happiness. It sits on Health Assured’s website, and has been shared across LinkedIn, social media platforms (including Dr Hilary’s which has 30.8k followers) as well as other websites.

Our work to match the brand with Dr Hilary resulted in the video capturing the target audience’s attention, as well as demonstrating the power that having the right talent for your campaign can have on your brand.

It’s a video that’s well worth a watch so we’ll post the link here for you to enjoy -> https://vimeo.com/599458578/1a7f618eff


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