Football legend Steven Gerrard MBE helps promote Boxbollen game in time of Christmas

The lead up to Christmas is prime time for businesses, particularly those relatively new to the market, to put themselves in front of potential customers. Throwing a celebrity into the mix only enhances a brand’s chances of being seen which is why we were thrilled to secure a line-up of celebrities for Swedish-born brand Boxbollen.

Boxbollen gamifies physical activity. A soft ball is tethered to an elastic string and attached to an adjustable headband. Players place the headband on their head and ‘box’ the ball with their bare hands. It’s a test of concentration, coordination and a fun way to engage family and friends in some activity and competition. The perfect gift for Christmas!

One of the five celebrities we secured to help Boxbollen with their social media campaign was football icon Steven Gerrard MBE.

The former Liverpool and England midfielder played at three UEFA European Championships and three FIFA World Cups during his time in the sport. Since hanging up his boots, he’s turned to managing. He started out managing Liverpool Youth Academy’s under-18s team before heading Scottish Premiership club Rangers. In his third full season with the team, he guided them to their first league title win in 10 years.

Away from the pitch he’s a father of four sharing insights into his family life with his 10.5million followers on Instagram. Using his social platform, he was filmed putting his Boxbollen tekkers to the test as the TV behind him tracked his points. 

Linked to the associated free Boxball app, players can pair their phones, TV or other devices and take part in community challenges, track their performance, enjoy different game modes and even enter cash-prize competitions.

Coming from a sporting background Steven was able to demonstrate Boxbollen in a way that felt authentic to him and the brand.


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