Glenn Hoddle makes excellent spokesperson for new live-saving aid LifePad

In October 2018 former England manager Glenn Hoddle suffered a cardiac arrest in the BT Sport studios while working on the weekly morning show Saturday Morning Savage. It was thanks to the show’s sound engineer who delivered CPR for 8 and a half minutes, alongside shocks from the defibrillator, that Glenn’s life was saved.

We recently had the pleasure of securing the footballing legend and pundit as the celebrity spokesperson for a campaign that sought to share some eye-opening statistics and raise awareness of a product that can save lives.

LifePad was founded by Beurer who specialise in electrical devices for health and wellbeing. It’s the first and only medically certified resuscitation aid in the world available for consumer purchase. Now sold in Argos, it empowers people to deliver life-saving CPR effectively even if they’re not trained in it.

Suitable for people aged 12 and up it fits any body shape and provides audio and visual feedback to guide compression depth and cadence.

Their campaign to raise awareness of the LifePad within the UK comes after research found that if put in a situation where they needed to save a life by CPR, 41% of Brits would not feel confident in the slightest. Yet, almost a third (30%) have never learnt any life-saving skills.

His role as spokesperson for the LifePad product, saw Glenn take part in a broadcast day where he was interviewed by print publications, TV networks and radio stations. He used his own experience of a cardiac arrest to share the importance of being CPR trained and how poducts like LifePad are crucial in saving lives.

“The reason I’m still here is down to CPR” he said.

“It saved my life and it’s as simple as that. The LifePad is a wonderful invention and it’s important for me to get the message out there. It’s vital that it’s available to the masses and affordable. Whether it’s coaches on the side of a pitch, friends playing golf or local shops, everybody should have access to one as it will save countless more lives. I’m living proof of that.”

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