Golly Gosh. Vanessa Feltz gives Brits a break with Gosh!

According to research conducted by plant-based food brand Gosh! ‘a third (33%) of workers never venture outside their home or workplace during their working day and only 14% leave their workplace every day for fresh air’. It also shed light on how our eating habits are very much dictated by time, with 63% of British workers stating they would make a healthier lunch if they had more time. 

On a constant mission to bring their foods to the forks of as many people as they can, and passionate about encouraging a healthy lifestyle, they set about launching the ‘Love Lunchtime’ campaign. 

The nationwide campaign drew on their research findings and was the perfect opportunity to highlight how easy it is to enjoy nutritious and tasty lunches. It aided in promoting the physical and mental health benefits of getting outdoors on lunch breaks – even if it’s just for 10 minutes – and increased awareness of the brand’s offering. 

The Gosh! food range includes ready-to-eat produce that can be enjoyed hot or cold (perfect for on-the-go) from vegan bites and falafel to sausages and burgers. And with everything free from artificial ingredients and made only from vegetables, pulses, herbs and spices, they’re a healthy choice too.

To help them launch their campaign and ensure it was seen by as much of the British public as possible, the brand required a celebrity to work as a campaign ambassador and spokesperson. As part of the fun and engaging campaign, the celebrity would act as the ‘Lunchtime Crier’ whose responsibility it was to sound the lunchtime bell. Therefore the celebrity needed to be someone with an entertaining personality and who would throw themselves into the campaign sentiment wholeheartedly. 

With the brief in mind, we knew exactly the woman for the job and were able to successfully secure Vanessa Feltz. The television personality, broadcaster and journalist is an instantly recognisable figure and a beloved household name. She’s known for her hard working nature, fun sense of humour and for being outspoken on topics that she is passionate about. 

It was all of the above – as well as the fact that she is a flexitarian who champions eating less meat for the sake of her health and the environment – that made her the perfect match for Gosh!

During a campaign-led photoshoot she dressed up as a town crier with the lighthearted images used to accompany press releases, social media posts and any other ways in which the brand wanted to promote the campaign. Vanessa also took part in a broadcast day where she spoke on behalf of Gosh! during a series of media interviews. During the Q&A sessions, she shared the research findings, explained why taking a healthy lunch break matters, tips for taking breaks and her pick of her favourite Gosh! foods that she recommends others try. 

The interviews were picked up by a number of national and regional press titles which helped distribute the campaign across the country. For an added boost, Vanessa also shared the campaign photography and key messages in a caption on her personal Instagram feed which boasts 384k followers which prompted great engagement. The use of Vanessa on the Gosh! Instagram feed also prompted an outcry of positive comments including ‘Vanessa is brilliant so lively and inspirational. Never heard of your company, but consider me a customer now’ – a prime example of how using a celebrity that resonates with the public can increase brand awareness and increase sales.

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