H from Steps spokesperson behind Play-Doh’s ‘anti-perfect parenting’ book

Being a parent is hard. And that’s without the pressure we put on ourselves to be the ‘perfect’ parent. So, when Play-Doh came up with the idea to launch an anti-perfect parenting book which sought to show the lighthearted reality of parenting, we jumped at the opportunity to help them out.

The much-loved pre-school brand Play-Doh, whose products get little ones thinking creatively, commissioned research that found two thirds of parents feel an overwhelming pressure to be a ‘perfect’ parent.

It also found that 65% say that social media presents a glamourised version of parenting, only contributing to this pressure. Armed with this research and in a bid to lift the veil on the realities of parenting, they launched the book ‘Notes on Messy Parenting’.

To demonstrate that parenting is messy, no matter who you are, the brand wanted some celebrities to add their ‘notes’ on parenting. We were all too happy to help and secured H from Steps to not only contribute to the book, but also act as the brand’s spokesperson.

Ian Watkins, better known for his stage name as H, is part of British pop group Steps, who during 1997-2001 achieved great chart success. In 2016 he became the father of two twin sons. As well as being able to lift the lid on what it’s like to be a parent, he was able to approach it from a single parent perspective.

For his work with Play-Doh he took part in a broadcast day, during which he was interviewed by various press, giving his open and honest experiences of parenting. Which as well as being rewarding and fun, also came with external pressures too. Using his Instagram platform (116k), where he regularly gives his followers insight into his life, he posted about Play-Doh’s campaign driving people to download the free book.

H also added his own section to the ‘Notes on Messy Parenting’ book joining the likes of other celebrity parents including Vogue Williams, Ferne McCann and Candice Brathwaite who also contributed.


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