Hal Elrod empowers colleagues at Arbonne national conference

Hal Elrod is an American keynote speaker, podcaster and author of one of the world’s highest rated books. The Miracle Morning has sold over 2 million copies and changed the lives of millions of people.

His mission to inspire individuals to adopt six habits in order to change their lives before 8am, has made him a renowned speaker. So naturally, we were pretty excited to secure him as a guest speaker at the Arbonne national conference.

For those that don’t know, Arbonne is a marketing company specialising in nutrition and skincare. Their products are loved by clients around the world as the Arbonne community continues to grow. Each year they hold a conference for their independent consultants. It stands as a platform for training and recognition, as well as an opportunity for consultants to unwind and have fun.

Hal flew across the pond to join the 2,000 consultants and business owners at the NEC in Birmingham. His talk began through a video where the story of his near-death experience following a major car accident was told. Defying the odds, and after four months in hospital, Hal recovered and was asked by his former principle to talk to the student body about his story. And it was there that his passion to inspire others began.

He then came onto stage and led an engaging, thought-provoking and at many times, humorous talk. During the one-hour session he homed in on a number of important topics from practising new habits, increasing motivation and the power of commitment, plus much more.

The impact of his speech was far-reaching and elicited huge applause and recognition from the Arbonne consultants.


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