Jen Brister stands up against fraud with UK Finance

If you eat your crusts, your hair will grow curly. Carrots help you see in the dark. If you watch too much TV your eyes will go square. These are just some of the funny (and often ludacris) fibs we were told as kids, and now pass on through the generations. While these white lies are harmless, UK Finance used them to bolster their anti-fraud campaign.

‘Take Five to Stop Fraud’ is led by UK Finance and is a national campaign offering impartial advice to help protect the country from financial fraud. While fraud and scams come in many forms, Take Five focuses on Authorised Push Payment Scams whereby a scammer tricks you into transferring money from your account into one controlled by them, under the guise of a business or person you have come to trust. 

To demonstrate how easy it is to believe a lie from someone you trust, UK Finance created their sub-campaign ‘Family Fibs’ centred around the lies or ‘scams’ parents tell their kids. Targeted towards busy parents, the campaign sought to encourage everyone to take a ‘stop’, ‘challenge’ and ‘protect’ approach when it comes to fraud.

With the campaign taking on a lighthearted tone, but with a serious message, UK Finance were seeking a well-known comedian to front the campaign and take on the role of spokesperson. And that’s where we stepped in to help.

We were thrilled to match UK Finance with popular stand-up comedian and writer Jen Brister. Her razor-sharp wit and ability to fill a room with laughter has earned her a loyal fan base around the world. From performances on stage at Live at the Apollo to numerous stand-up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Jen has certainly made a name for herself within the comedy circuit. And since becoming a mother to two, her comedy often focuses on the reality of parenting, which in 2019 she transferred onto paper for her book ‘The Other Mother – A Wickedly Honest Parenting Tale for Every Kind of Family’.

For the Family Fibs campaign she filmed a series of stand-up style videos where she shared some of the harmless fibs she tells her own children, before the video moves into her talking about how it’s not always easy to tell when someone is scamming you, and the three steps to take in order to protect yourself from scams. 

She shared the videos, along with a caption which shared the key campaign messages, to her Instagram (which has 660k followers), TikTok and Facebook accounts. The videos were well engaged with and helped reach the target audience. 

To further boost the campaign, Jen took part in a broadcast day where she spoke to numerous TV and radio stations about Family Fibs and wider Take Five to Stop Fraud campaigns as well as the many different tactics fraudsters use to get people to hand over their personal details and passwords. This includes scam phone calls, text messages and emails, as well as fake websites and social media posts

Being a parent herself and able to bring a naturally funny flair to the topic, Jen was a great match for UK Finance. 


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