OK, let’s be honest (and get a little bit deep). Lockdown, or should we say the lockdowns, made many of us re-evaluate what’s important in life. It made us cling on tight to the things that mattered most and let go of the things that, well, didn’t so much. Bloom Gin, saw this for themselves and off the back of some rather eye-opening research findings, launched their BLOOM Bright fund. And to help bring attention to it, they reached out to us at The Celebrity Sauce Co. to find them a female celebrity match.

First, let’s start with what the fund is all about. Bloom Gin put £20,000 into a fund which helps women ‘bloom’ outside of lockdown by ticking off those things they would love to do, but never had the confidence to say ‘YES’ to.

It all came after Bloom Gin’s research found that ‘three out of ten women have cut out bad friends’ in order to restore power to their lives, and ‘nearly half of women are declining ‘boring dates’, ‘tacky hen’ parties, and over a quarter are ducking out of weddings and family gatherings’ as a way to start putting themselves first. Anyone interested just needed to submit a 250-word description outlining their post-lockdown dreams to be in with a chance of that dream coming true.

It’s a truly fantastic fund but it just needed a little help from a celebrity partnership to launch the fund and really give it some legs. With our help, knowledge and expertise we were able to secure the brand a partnership with activist, model and TV presenter Katie Piper.

An extremely well-known individual with an inspirational story and a great spokesperson for women everywhere, she was the right match, first time, for the brand.

Katie’s partnership with the Bloom Bright fund reached the ears of media outlets such as Sky News and Female First magazine, where she spoke on behalf of the fund and its initiative saying:

“We want to encourage more women to say ‘yes’ to themselves and the things they love, and hopefully we can help a few tick off some big bucket list dreams along the way,”

“Many put their passions on hold in order to support and nurture the people around them – which is

fulfilling in many ways, but sometimes can mean you don’t leave yourself enough time to really make

your soul shine. This is a wonderful project which focuses on looking after yourself, and saying yes to

things that bring YOU joy.”

Bloom Gin were blown away by the impact Katie’s presence had on the fund’s reach.

This was just another example of how incorporating a celebrity or talent into a brand’s campaign can massively increase its success. Now, pass us a double gin and tonic please!


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