Research conducted by the UK’s leading childcare and early years’ education provider, Busy Bees Nurseries uncovered the need, among parents, for there to be a stronger focus on physical and metal wellbeing in educational settings. 9 in 10 called for a more flexible curriculum including dance, baking and music to ensure this happens. This comes as a result of parents also being concerned that the Covid 19 lockdowns have had a negative impact on their children.

These findings sparked Busy Bees to add a new initiative to their curriculum that addressed these issues. And they needed our help at The Celebrity Sauce Co. to spread the message far and wide.

It’s no secret that dance (no matter your skill level) is great for physical and mental health, so Busy Bees have added ‘Tiny Dancers’ to their curriculum across their nurseries. The initiative consists of teaching children easy and imaginative dance moves that will help them burn off any nervous energy, have fun, and make new friends in the process.

To support its launch and raise awareness on the importance of dancing for nursery-aged children, Busy Bees wanted a celebrity to partner with the initiative, as well as take part in a broadcast day. The talent needed to be relevant to the topic, be able to speak confidently on dancing and have a background working with children.

While we’re more two steppers when it comes to the dancefloor, we were able to make some serious moves when it came to promoting the important new initiative. Kimberly Wyatt encompasses everything Busy Bees were looking for. She is best-known for being a singer, dancer and choreographer in girl band The Pussycat Dolls, but has also more recently worked as a judge on Sky 1’s Got to Dance. When it comes to working with children, as well as being a mother herself, she is also a judge on CBBC’s childrens’ talent show Taking the Next Step. All of these, and many more attributes, made her the perfect match for this campaign.

Kimberly worked closely with Busy Bees to design what the ‘Tiny Dancers’ initiative would look like, sharing her expertise in dance to come up with easy-to-follow routines. Then, to share the research findings and promote the work she and Busy Bees are doing, she took part in a broadcast day.

Speaking to a number of different national radio stations, Kimberly was a spokesperson for Busy Bees to highlight why the nursery is introducing dance onto their curriculum, the benefits of dance for youngsters and what else Busy Bees is doing to support mental and physical wellbeing.

Now, we’re off to dance like nobody is watching – and we really hope they’re not!


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