Ah, the joys of being a student. Getting up at 2pm and partying until the early hours. Freedom from parents for the first time. And having full control of your diet (beans again? No problem). But, as a recent campaign from Nationwide Building Society sought to explain, student life can also pose a number of issues, including being a target for fraud and in particular money mules.  

Not heard of money mules before? It’s a method of quick money making where someone receives money from a third party in their bank account that is often stolen or laundered. And due to students being notoriously strapped for cash, it makes it easy for them to fall victim to the crime. 

On the lead up to Fresher’s Week, Nationwide launched their campaign ‘Fraud: Money Mules’. The campaign was in place to shed light on the crime, provide guidance on how to spot fraudulent behaviour, and share the most common channels of communication that criminals will use. To help attract their target audience (both the students themselves and the parents sending their kids off to university), they needed our help to find them a celebrity spokesperson.

With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, well-known amongst the younger generation and having been a victim of fraud herself, we found Love Island’s Georgia Steel a great match for the campaign. 

Georgia, who rose to fame during season four of the ITV hit show has since put her name behind a number of brand campaigns. And this one was particularly relevant to her as her ex-boyfriend posed as someone he was not, ingratiating himself with her, cloning her cards and stealing thousands from her account. He was actually a practiced con man just released from prison.

Georgia took part in a series of broadcast interviews with radio, podcast and television stations from across the UK. Here, she was able to deliver Nationwide’s key campaign messages, share research statistics to help add credibility to the campaign and offer advice. 

With money mules risking a prison sentence of up to 14 years and denied opening a credit account for 10 years, it was a crucial campaign that Georgia was able to confidently reinforce to a generation that would take note and listen to someone with her social influence. 


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