Did you know that at The Celebrity Sauce Co. we are also experts in sourcing motivational speakers for brands and events of all kinds? Well, if you didn’t, then perhaps our most recent partnership will demonstrate what we can do!

Lloyds Bank, which has branches across England and Wales, host an Annual Risk Conference for their Group Risk division where employees are brought together. This year the conference took place virtually with the bank looking to surprise the division with a guest motivational speaker. Ahem… that’s where we come in!

Tapping into our relationships that span worldwide and armed with a brief, we set to work sourcing Lloyds their perfect partner. They were looking for someone with a confident speaking voice, inspiring stories to tell and a passion for motivating others to succeed. And with that, we knew exactly who they needed. Matthew Syed!

Matthew is someone with many talents having made a name for himself in both the sporting and reporting worlds. In sport he was a prolific Table Tennis player becoming three times the men’s singles champion at the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships and representing Team GB in two Olympic Games.

While his sporting prowess was soaring, so too was his career in journalism. He works for the Times Newspaper and currently has six published books including the well-known Black Box Thinking where he famously argues the key to success is having a positive attitude to failure. This book, along with his others, including Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking are often used by CEOs to draw inspiration.

And it is his thought-provoking ideas and beliefs that have seen him win a number of awards including the Number 1 Thought Leader LinkedIn Award and LinkedIn Top Voice in UK among many.

Matthew pre-recorded a 30-minute keynote speech which was then used at the virtual conference attended by up to 1500 of the bank’s Group Risk division. 

If, like Lloyds Bank you have a conference, event or other occasion where a speaker would enhance its success, then The Celebrity Sauce Co. will serve up the best.


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