Michael Owen challenged by a different kind of ball for Boxbollen’s Christmas campaign

Former Liverpool, Manchester United and England striker Michael Owen temporarily swapped his love for football to team up with a different kind of ball game.

We were excited to pair the football legend with Swedish brand Boxbollen as part of their social media campaign on the lead-up to Christmas.

Boxbollen is where a soft ball is tethered to an elastic string and attached to an adjustable headband. Players place the headband on their head and ‘box’ the ball with their bare hands. It’s a test of concentration, coordination and a fun way to engage family and friends in some activity and competition.

Linked to the associated free Boxball app, players can pair their phones, TV or other devices and take part in community challenges, track their performance, enjoy different game modes and even enter cash-prize competitions.

Michael, who regularly features as a sports pundit and commentator, is a doting family-man and a father of four. His colourful sporting background, competitive nature and passion for family made him a stellar addition to the campaign.

Joined by some of his family members, Michael took to his Instagram platform (with 465k followers) and was filmed playing the game, demonstrating its ability to keep you active in a fun way. The video showed how the game links to the TV to track your score and test your coordination.


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