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Let’s be honest, nobody likes to think about no longer being here. But, for the sake of the people you would leave behind, it must be done.

We’ve been working with for some time now, helping them to spread the message on the importance of taking out life insurance, through the help of celebrity partnerships. is a life insurance brand steered towards helping mums find the best and most affordable cover.Every 22 minutes in the UK a child loses a parent they depend on financially. Life insurance helps to protect loved ones should the worst ever happen.

More than 750,000 mums across the country have been supported by Polly since their launch in 2015, and to ensure this number continues to rise, they have been calling on our help to match them with celebrity mums.

Our most recent pairing for the brand came in the form of reality TV star and social media personality Holly Hagan. She is best-known for her role in MTV’s Geordie Shore and has since amassed a huge following on Instagram.

In January this year Holly revealed to her 4.5 million followers that she and husband Jacob are expecting their first child. And it was entering first-time motherhood that made her a great match for Polly.

Holly filmed a video for Polly where she was able to talk about the ways in which being pregnant and starting a family has made her think practically about the future. She explained the services Polly provides and the valuable support they offer for mums.

The content is set to be shared on Polly’s targeted social media ads, amongst the many other fantastic celebrities they have worked with.

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