Opinions (don’t) matter. Comedian Maisie Adam works on KAYAK’s travel opinion campaign

If you’ve ever gone somewhere or done something on the recommendation of a friend, family member or influencer, and it’s not quite lived up to expectations, then this one is for you!

Travel search engine KAYAK have explored the relationship between travel, opinions and perspectives about ourselves and our world in their report called ‘KAYAK World of Opinions’. Within the study, they discovered that ‘nearly 1 in 4 (24%) have scrapped a holiday plan they wanted to do completely after being influenced by the opinions of others’. And it doesn’t just begin and end with travel. The research findings looked at how opinions affect everyday life with ‘58% of Brits agreeing that their major life choices, such as their career, education and other lifestyle preferences, are being guided too much by others’. 

Looking to share their findings with the British public and encourage more holidaymakers to go with their own opinions when it comes to booking trips away, they launched their ‘Go See for Yourself’ marketing campaign. 

They were on the hunt for a celebrity to position themselves at the forefront of their campaign and take part in a series of media interviews with print, online and broadcast media. Here, they would talk about the World of Opinions report, its findings and the ways in which KAYAK’s ‘Explore’ section of their website allows people to find their perfect destination. 

The celebrity needed to be a confident speaker and able to put a fun spin on the campaign in order to increase its reach. With the celebrity sourcing in our hands, we were delighted to partner them with comedian and writer Maisie Adam. 

Hailing from North Yorkshire, Maisie’s career as a comedian has been nothing short of impressive, and has quickly risen through the ranks to become a sought-after performer in the comedy industry. Her comedic style is a blend of wit, charm, and relatability which has captured audiences around the world and has won her numerous awards including the ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017.   

During the media interviews, which included talking to a number of regional BBC radio stations, Maisie spoke about how despite not being one to follow the crowd, she too has fallen victim to bad holiday recommendations. She also addressed KAYAK’s research findings and the wider Go See For Yourself campaign. 

Maisie’s natural comedic ability made her the perfect person to carry the campaign forwards and act as the brand’s spokesperson. 

To book Maisie Adam for your campaign or event, please contact us on letstalk@celebritysauceco.com


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