Paul Sinha celebrates South Asian Heritage Month with Wickes

Monday 18th July to Wednesday 17th August was South Asian Heritage Month where a full calendar of events took place to celebrate, commemorate and educate about South Asian culture and its histories.

As part of this, businesses across the UK were encouraged to organise, attend or participate in events – the result of which was over 100 events held throughout the country.

One company who got involved were DIY retailer Wickes, who hosted a live talk and Q&A for their colleagues. As well as celebrating South Asian heritage month, it was also an opportunity for the company to focus on their RAACE (Raising Awareness and Action on Culture and Ethnicity) network.

Before they could bring their colleagues together for this important event, they required our help in finding them a relevant speaker to take part in the live talk and Q&A session. The aim of the talk was to give colleagues a new, different and external perspective on the cultural differences and challenges that people from South Asian backgrounds face. And importantly, the impact it had on their careers as well as living experiences in the UK.

We were excited to find them a match in Paul Sinha who is perhaps best-known for being one of the six chasers on ITV’s The Chase. Prior to his television fame, he graduated from St George’s Hospital Medical School and went on to work as a general practitioner. He combined his day job with a love of stand-up comedy which saw him perform at multiple Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows (most recently in 2022!)

The multi-talented quizzer, comedian, doctor and broadcaster was born in Luton, London but is of Bengali descent. Paul joined Wickes at their Watford Support Centre where he drew on intersectionality including his South Asian heritage, his relationship with his husband and how his background has played a part in his upbringing and career.  

Paul led a fascinating talk which he delivered with passion (and a touch of comedy of course). During the Q&A session, he was open, honest and thought-provoking with the Wickes’ colleagues.


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