Presenter Gloria Hunniford OBE Talks Fraud for Lloyds’ Broadcast Day

As part of their ongoing awareness around fraud, Lloyds were looking to share some eye-popping research findings with the public, as well as their top tips on how to avoid being scammed online. But, in order to really make an impact, they needed our help to find them a celebrity spokesperson.

Just like all our campaigns, we didn’t just source them a celebrity for celebrity’s sake. We knew it needed to be the right one. Someone who not only was a well-respected name, but also someone with a background tackling topics such as fraud.

Enter, television presenter Gloria Hunniford OBE. Royalty of the screen and a household name since the 70s, Gloria was the perfect match for Lloyds. She has an extensive back catalogue but her most relevant work to back-up Lloyds’ campaign, was her presenting duties for customer complaints programme Rip Off Britain and documentary series Doorstop Crime 999. This, and the fact she herself has been a victim of fraud, made her an extremely knowledgeable yet relatable match to carry Lloyds’ campaign forwards.

During the broadcast day she spoke, on behalf of Lloyds to a number of stations where she shared statistics such as ‘purchase scams are the most common scam and rose by 10% in 2021’. As well as highlighting that ‘50% of all scams reported to Lloyds Bank relate to purchases with 10% happening when buying clothes, 8% when trying to book a holiday and worryingly in the lead up to Christmas most (14%) when buying gifts’.

As well as capturing listeners attentions by sharing these statistics, Gloria also recounted her own experiences with fraud which helped resonate with audiences and bring the interviews to life. Finally, she presented listeners with Lloyds’ six top tips to avoid being scammed when making purchases online.

Overall, Gloria provided an honest, trustworthy and recognisable voice for Lloyds and helped to generate great listening figures across various stations.


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