Ricky Wilson Frontman for Paw-some Christmas Campaign

If you are a fan of Kaiser Chiefs, then you’ll know frontman Ricky Wilson. If you know Ricky Wilson, then you’ll likely follow him on Instagram. And if you follow his Instagram, then you’ll already be aware that he LOVES dogs. In particular his (rather large) labradoodle Reedus. And it was Ricky’s love for dogs that made him the perfect brand ambassador for a Christmassy campaign.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) make a real difference to the health of dogs and dog welfare. On the lead-up to Christmas they launched their ‘Double the Pawprint’ campaign which sought to raise money and awareness.

Following research that found over 30% of average Brits expects to spend over £100 on their pooch over Christmas period, KCCT launched their campaign that encouraged dog-lovers to spend a little less and donate to those less fortunate dogs.

As well as relying just on donations, KCCT also teamed up with clothing retailer Freemans to create a range of matching Christmas jumpers for the whole family and the dog! How fetching. Proceeds from these jumpers went towards the charity’s trust. Plus, every £1 donated was then doubled by a mystery donor.

To help give the appeal (four)legs, KCCT required a celebrity ambassador to boost the appeal on social media platforms as well as through broadcast interviews. That’s where The Celebrity Sauce Co. came in. Using our relationships with top celebrity talent we sauced them a relationship with Ricky – one which came naturally for both the brand and talent. We love it when a plan comes together.

As an ambassador Ricky used his large Instagram following – 137k to be exact – to share posts with his dog Reedus, while encouraging donations for the worthy cause. As well as this he spoke on behalf of the KCCT to a number of radio broadcasters, spreading the festive appeal far and wide.

With Ricky’s help as a brand ambassador, the campaign raised £33,000 which was then matched by the mystery dog-loving donor to equal a huge £66,000. Waggy tails all round!


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