Sometimes at The Celebrity Sauce Co. we make the impossible (or so it would seem) possible, and this was the case with our most recent celebrity and brand pairing. We served up none other than Ross Kemp for life insurance company

‘What’s impossible about that?’ you might be thinking. ‘You always get great celebrities to do brand partnership work’, we hear you say. Well, it was a big deal as the BAFTA and British Soap Award winning actor and journalist is a relative stranger to brand work, having not done much in the way of collaborations.

So, who are TOM and what made them special enough to get Ross Kemp to step into brand partnership action?

TOM do life insurance differently. They specifically target dads helping them to get cover for the families they love, easily and quickly. While life insurance is a sensitive topic to broach, it’s an important one to acknowledge as according to TOM, every 22 minutes a child loses a parent they rely on financially.

But instead of talking to dads in a stuffy, jargon-filled way, they use a tone of voice that is simple and clear with a good helping of humour to lighten the load.

You’ll all know Ross for his notorious hardman character Grant Mitchell on EastEnders – a role he carried from 1990-1999 and reprised several times after that. You might also be aware of his series of hard-hitting documentaries including Ross Kemp: on Gangs, Ross Kemp: in Afghanistan and Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon. But what you might not know is that off-screen he’s married and a father of four.

It is being a well-known name (and face), combined with his family-driven personal life, that made Ross a winning celebrity to partner with TOM.

As part of the partnership Ross featured in a video where he spoke to fellow fathers about the importance of life insurance in order to financially protect children should the unthinkable ever happen.

The singer also spoke about his own family, how much they mean to him and highlighted the key areas can cover.


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