Ruby Wax OBE champions change at the IWFM Conference

Our recent collaboration with IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management) saw us get to play a part in promoting better wellbeing in the workplace.

The body for workplace and facilities professionals IWFM empower individuals to upskill and reach their potential through guidance, training, developing new insights and sharing best practice. Ahead of their 2022 conference ‘Agents of Change’, they came to us seeking a thought-provoking and relevant mental health advocate to make a closing keynote at the event.

Each year, the conference brings leading insights and ideas from inside and outside the profession. The theme ‘Agents of Change’ focused on the workplace and facilities management’s role in a more ethical and sustainable future. To complement the agenda, which included a focus on megatrends such as the future of work, innovation and wellbeing, the keynote speaker needed to be passionate about raising awareness and empowering change when it comes to mental health.

We couldn’t think of anyone more suited, or more inspiring than actress, comedian, writer, lecturer and mental health campaigner, Ruby Wax OBE.

Aside from her decorated on-screen and on-stage career, Ruby has dedicated much of her life to supporting and campaigning for mental health. Having always been open about her own clinical depression, she’s immersed herself in helping others. From gaining a master’s degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy from Oxford University, to publishing a number of books such as Sane New World, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled and How to Be Human: The Manual.

Using a comedic spin, but always with a serious message, Ruby has paved the way in opening discussions around complex neurological theories, and therefore breaking down the stigmas that mental health illnesses carry.

Her fireside chat at the IWFM conference focussed on how we can nurture our wellbeing as we recover and reassemble. And how, in this new post-Covid era, organisations, too, need to redefine who they are.

Ruby’s Q&A was insightful, thought-provoking and peppered with just the right amount of humour to make it accessible to everyone.


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