Sarah-Jane Crawford helps break bedwetting taboo with Pampers’ new Ninjamas

Issues such as bedwetting in young people remains a taboo topic, but baby care and development brand Pampers are on a mission to remove the stigma with their new range of disposable pyjama pants called Ninjamas.  

The Ninjamas® Pyjama Pants are unlike traditional nappies or nappy pants. They are a medical device designed to look like underwear and have been created for the older child in mind. Featuring cool designs, they are secure and discreet, made to act as ‘a kid’s sidekick’.

The product range came following research that found 500,000 children aged 5-16 are prone to bedwetting in the UK and that 85% of parents wish people spoke more openly about the issue. Armed with their findings and their confidence-building pyjama pants, the brand saw an opportunity to host a live discussion featuring a celebrity spokesperson.

We were happy to pair them with broadcaster and mum of two Sarah-Jane Crawford, who helped raise awareness during health and lifestyle interviews, as well as a live streamed discussion.

Sarah is best-known for her show on Hits Radio and as well as her former show on BBC radio 1xtra which she hosted for over six years. She’s certainly no stranger to TV either and has previously hosted ITV’s The Xtra Factor and worked for television network E! Away from screen and radio, she’s also a mother to two children with her most recent born in December 2021.

As the campaign’s spokesperson, she joined a live discussion with parenting community The Motherload. Alongside others on the panel, including Dr Ranj Sing, she helped to open conversations on the reality of bedwetting and break down the fears and misconceptions surrounding the topic.

Throughout the discussion, listening parents were able to hear case studies, as well as ask questions, and gain tips and trick to manage bedwetting.

Prior to the live streamed session, Sarah-Jane took part in a series of broadcast interviews with numerous health and lifestyle publications. Here she relayed the research findings from Pampers and gave more details around their new Ninjamas including why they were developed and how they help to empower children experiencing bedwetting.

Able to offer real-life advice and experiences, in an honest and kind way, Sarah-Jane really helped to boost the campaign and shine a light on the important work Pampers and Ninjamas are doing.


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