Sinitta teams up with Budweiser to support safety on nights out

Everyone has done it. A seemingly ‘harmless’ walk home after a night out, whether it’s to save money or not being able to get a taxi. But Budweiser Brewing Group (BBG) has revealed in recent research that the cost-of-living crisis is pushing more people to walk home after a night out, despite nearly 65% of Brits reporting concerns for personal safety.

The leading brewer in the UK, BBG recognises the role it plays in the social economy but wants to ensure everyone can enjoy a positive drinking environment and get home safely, with no exceptions. That’s why they have teamed up with personal safety app WalkSafe+ for an awareness-raising campaign.

Established in 2020, WalkSafe+ combines police crime data, community reported data an ‘safe zone’ data to allow users to plot safe journeys home, if they choose to go on foot. It also has a human ‘satnav’ feature whereby walkers can plot their journey avoiding trouble spots and invite friends to monitor them on their journey home.

This important collaboration between BBG and WalkSafe+ aims to bring awareness to and encourage discussion around the safety issues that disproportionately affect women and other vulnerable groups, as well as the need to address them.

To further enhance the reach of the campaign and offer another perspective, we secured BBG and WalkSafe+ with TV personality Sinitta to join forces in a radio day.

Singer and actress Sinitta is best-known for her success in the mid-80s with her song ‘So Macho’ as well as other hits during the decade. Following this, she became somewhat of a regular on TV with appearances on the likes of The X Factor, This Morning and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Outside of her professional life, Sinitta has two adopted children. And as they reach the age where they are starting to go on nights out, she was the perfect person to add a motherly perspective to this campaign.

During the radio day Sinitta joined BBG’s Alexandra O’Neill and founder of WalkSafe+ Emma Kay, to open conversations around personal safety and raise awareness of the campaign messages. As well as the interviews, Sinitta also posted her support of the campaign on her Instagram which has 13.3k followers and her Twitter with 132.7k.


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