Steve Backshall encourages world adventures with Hasbro’s new Monopoly boardgame

Since its beginnings in the early 20th century, Monopoly has been teaching children about money (and has been the cause for many family arguments too). Now, the game-makers Hasbro are on a mission to teach kids about the world with their brand-new boardgame Monopoly Travel World Tour.

It comes after it was discovered that the average UK eight-year-old knows more about virtual worlds, cities and fictional place names than they know about planet earth. In this new take on the classic game, players buy destinations, complete travel goals, and stamp the gameboard with their token stamper to win.

To complement its launch, Hasbro set-up a free-to-attend pop-up ‘travel agency’ in London, where for two days families could enjoy an immersive experience to learn about the world and even help to build The Great Wall of China!

Someone that has explored countless parts of the world is Steve Backshall MBE. The naturalist, explorer, presenter and writer is best-known for presenting BBC’s The Really Wild Show and Deadly 60 and many other shows focussed on educating children on the planet and its many inhabitants.

His passion for exploring and educating has been acknowledges through two BAFTA’s, a Blue Peter gold badge, an honorary PhD from the University of Exeter and more recently through the Scientific Exploration Society Explorer of the Year Award.  

We teamed him up with Hasbro ahead of the launch of Monopoly Travel World Tour to act as the spokesperson for the product launch campaign. Steve conducted a number of interviews throughout a broadcast day. During which he shared the research findings, which included the fact that ‘over half of kids have heard of Gotham, Zootopia and Neverland, however, only 25% have ever heard of Shang Hai, Peru or Cape Town.’

He also encouraged parents to take their children along to the pop-up event in London in order to engage little ones and spark excitement for adventure! As well as this, he filmed a video welcoming visitors to the pop-up event, and showed the world as being an amazing playground.

Having worked for the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel and countless other credits, Steve Backshall demonstrated how having a celebrity that fits seamlessly with a brand’s campaign, can enhance a brand’s campaign.


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