Susie Dent tucks into Ryvita’s campaign to ‘embrace the ish’

Ryvita is a food brand that is snacked on up and down the country. Famed for their rye-based crispbreads, they believe in living well and eating well with a little room for ‘ish’. And it was their recently rebranded slogan ‘Live life with a little more ‘ish’, which has seen them launch a new TV ad, that formed the centre of a recent brand campaign.

The brand were inspired to look into the English language and how we could all benefit from embracing colloquial terms such as ‘ish’ to articulate our real life, rather than the airbrushed version. They wanted to take a deep dive into the English Language to find new additions to the dictionary that the public were loving, words that were more unpopular and of course, to define what ‘ish’ means to people.     

To bolster their research and give it the best possible boost, we paired them with Countdown’s very own Susie Dent.

Susie is a word expert (or, to use the proper term an etymologist) and has been the resident of ‘Dictionary Corner’ on game show Countdown since 1992 and spin-off show 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown since 2012.  

Her name behind Ryvita’s research gave it more gravitas and saw her represent the brand during a broadcast day. With her help, Ryvita found that words such as ‘chillax’ and ‘simples’ were amongst the top 10 best-loved new words. Words ‘sumfin’, ‘neg’ and ‘whatevs’ were very much on the list of the most irritating.

When asked what word most people would happily embrace when it came to describing their lives, ‘ish’ came out on top of the poll.

“It [ish] is currently only included in the dictionary in relation to something explicit: as in ‘are you hungry? Ish’, Susie said during broadcast interviews, where she shared insight into the new research with various stations.

“It also has a very different, naughtier, meaning in slang! It would be great to expand its range even further so that we can say on some days that we are feeling just a little bit ‘Ish’,

“It’s great that Ryvita are embracing ‘Ish’ as a way of celebrating the everyday, as opposed to perfection.”

With unrivalled knowledge of the English Language and a well-known name within households everywhere, Susie made a great spokesperson for Ryvita’s campaign. Now, we’re off to go and live our lives with a bit more ‘ish’.


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