Tim Peake Makes an Out-of-This-World Match for AICC Conference

In December 2015 the UK watched on as Tim Peake CMG became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station during a six-month mission.

An inspiration to budding astronauts everywhere, as well as a true representation of what can be achieved through determination and a passion for adventure, since coming back down to earth, Tim’s career has turned to inspiring others.

As well as being the author behind a number of books including his best-selling autobiography Limitless, Tim Peake is a hugely in-demand keynote speaker able to turn his life experiences into motivating and relevant learnings for brands and businesses alike. So, it was our mission at The Celebrity Sauce Co. to secure him as a speaker for one of our most recent clients.

The Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) deliver independent advice to growers across the UK. Their work covers over 2.2 million hectares in the country – so they’re a pretty big deal!

The business held a three-day online conference delivering technical information, Q&As with experts and industry insights, to their members. To round-off the first two days and give members the opportunity to unwind, AICC treated them to a night of entertainment.

Called AICC Night Live, the celebratory evening took place virtually and was hosted by JLS member and Down on the Farm presenter JB Gill, who we also sauced especially for this event. During the evening, JB carried members through the evening including the live Q&A with Tim, where the astronaut answered on-the-spot questions about his life, career and experiences.

During the night, Tim also took to the mic to lead his own keynote speech which delighted attendees and included fascinating tales from his travels.

AICC were thrilled with the collaboration for the event and Tim’s involvement gave members a boost of motivation and an evening of entertainment.

Mission complete.


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