Trio of speakers, including former MI6 Chief, share insight at Rubrik’s UK Data Security Talk

Cloud management and data security company, Rubrik hosts its Data Security Talks event every year in the UK, France and Germany. For their recent UK edition, we helped secure them three engaging speakers.

The virtual event took place throughout a morning and was an opportunity for Rubrik employees to hear from elite security experts, while learning the strategies, guidelines and different approaches other companies are taking to enhance their cybersecurity.

We were pleased to pair Rubrik with journalist and technology presenter Chris Fox as the event host. Chris has more than 12 years of broadcasting experience and as a reporter is a multi-talented expert in everything from apps and cryptocurrency to cyber-security, hacking and online safety. The latter of which, of course made him the perfect match for Rubrik’s event.

Such is the impact of his journalism, he’s influenced Airbnb update its security and made Google change the way in which it screens its advertisements. As host, he not only gave his thoughts on the event’s theme of ‘Defending Europe’s Data from Cyber Threats’, but ensured the virtual event ran seamlessly and other speakers were properly introduced.

Joining the line-up of speakers we secured was award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author Misha Glenny, who is the writer behind the book McMafia which takes readers on a journey through the global criminal underworld. The book has since been turned into an eight-part series for BBC One in which Misha worked as an executive producer.

Specialising in global organised crime and cyber-security, he was able to offer invaluable insight into his life’s work and shared his expert opinions on the topic in discussion.

Finally, Sir John Scarlett, former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), further enhanced the event with his talk. For over 20 years Sir John worked in MI6 serving in Nairobi, Paris and Moscow. His assignments have taken him across the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

Prior to his appointment as the SIS’s Chief in 2004, he was appointed as Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee in the Cabinet Office where he coordinated and presented intelligence advice to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Both the speakers and host we obtained for Rubrik were an asset to the event, giving it gravitas and made it even more engaging for everyone in attendance.


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