Tukwini Mandela Honours Grandfather for Snap’s Hidden Black Stories Campaign

At the Celebrity Sauce Co. we always feel honoured to work with amazing celebrity talent and brands, but one of our most recent campaigns was a real pinch-me-we’re-dreaming moment. We were tasked by Snap (previously named Snapchat) to sauce them a name to complement their new Hidden Black Stories lens on the app.

Using our relationship with talent across the world, we partnered Snap with Tukwini Mandela – the granddaughter of former South African President and Black Nationalist, Nelson Mandela.  Before we speak more about Tukwini and her involvement with Snap’s campaign, it’s first important to tell you about the WHY.

Snap’s Hidden Black Stories campaign followed their findings that 53% of people feel like they simply do not know enough about black history – including significant people. Knowing they have a platform for change (Snap has 306 million daily active users worldwide) they sought to enlighten and educate.

Using AR (Augmented Reality) Snap has taken over aspects of Trafalgar Square, including The National Gallery, Nelson’s Column and the Fourth Plinth. When stood in the square, users of Snap can open the app’s Hidden Black Stories lens and learn, through an immersive experience, about vital black history.

This is where Tukwini comes in…

One of the historical moments that users will experience through the app is Nelson Mandela’s ‘Make Poverty History’ speech, which famously took place in Trafalgar Square. Snap has used AR technology to honour Mandela’s life by creating a virtual statue of him. All users need to do is point the lens at Trafalgar’s North Terrace where they will see the statue and hear the speech brought to life.

To mark the launch of the campaign on 11th February (poignantly the anniversary of Mandela’s release from prison) Tukwini flew to the UK to help Snap raise awareness of untold black history.

As part of the campaign she spoke to a number of respected national titles including The Independent and The Guardian. With them, she shared her involvement with Snap’s campaign and explained more about their Hidden Black Stories les, her grandfather’s work in achieving multiracial democracy and toppling apartheid, as well as her work in supporting the House of Mandela Family Foundation.

There was such a national buzz around Tukwini’s arrival in the UK and educational work with Snap, that she was also invited onto ITV’s Good Morning Britain where she spoke about the importance of campaigns such as this in order to help education around lesser-known and undercelebrated black heroes.

Of the campaign Tukwini said: “I’m so pleased to be involved with this initiative and to see the lens that has been created to celebrate unsung Black heroes and to make Black History more visible, something that is very close to my heart. It’s an honour to see my grandfather’s statue brought to life in AR, and I hope a new generation will be inspired by his work.”

We were extremely proud to work on such a poignant campaign and with such an inspirational talent. Make sure the next time you’re in Trafalgar Square you open Snap and learn more about black history through their Hidden Black Stories lens.


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