Vogue Williams shows ‘reality’ of parenting for Play-Doh’s campaign

We all know social media doesn’t always show the realities of life. And now, research commissioned by pre-school brand Play-Doh has found that 65% of parents believe social media presents a glamorised version of parenting. Thus, contributing to the pressure to be the ‘perfect’ parent.

In order to bring down that social media veil, Play-Doh has launched an anti-perfect parenting book called ‘Notes on Messy Parenting’. Inside the free-to-download book, readers will find contributions from various celebrity parents, demonstrating that parenting is messy no matter who you are.

We helped in their search for celebrity contributors, finding them a perfect match in podcaster, business owner and media personality Vogue Williams.

The mother of three regularly documents her life on Instagram as well as via her popular podcast Spencer & Vogue, which she hosts alongside her husband Spencer Matthews. In her podcast she’s very open about the highs and lows of parenting, so was able to naturally extend this as part of Play-Doh’s campaign.

Working with the brand, she used her highly engaged Instagram as a platform to promote the campaign. She shared a video to her 1million followers, in which she showed her ‘reality of parenting’ and what her house looks like between the hours of five and seven.

As well as the video she was one of the celebrity contributors to the book where she gave her funny yet relatable anecdotes from her experience as a parent.  

 You can check out the video on Vogue’s Instagram @voguewilliams. It also features two of her adorable little ones – Theodore and Gigi!


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